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A one of a kind Canadian institution on Indian soil that offers North American applied curriculum through hand picked, seasoned and accomplished faculty, trained to deliver academic excellence, be it at our India facility or Canada campus.
Student Life at UFV
UFV India is abuzz with opportunities to explore new passions, engage with a vital community and, simply put, have fun. Everywhere you turn, you will notice that a great social life awaits you. Students tend to learn immensely from their peers, while building relationships in a group setting. Student life at UFV India is constantly innovating ways to engage and delight our students.
International Internships
Start Here, Go Anywhere
Ever wondered what makes an education global? It’s your ability to change and evolve, along with the opportunities to do so. Start at UFV India campus and explore studying a semester or two with one of our seventy, and growing partners across the globe. Your credits are recognized and transferable, with course articulation in place.
News and Events
Many clubs, events, and activities enhance student life on campus. University of the Fraser Valley is always abuzz with new happenings like systematic research, public lectures and other extracurricular activities. Stay updated with all the latest news and forthcoming events that contribute towards an enriched campus experience.
Abbotsford Campus
Nestled in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, in British Columbia, UFV is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls more than 16000 students each year. UFV has campuses in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Mission along with regional centres in Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh, India.
Vancouver City
‘You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well…Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains. It’s a liquid city, a tomorrow city, equal parts India, China, England, France and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the cool North American sibling.’ - The New York Times
(UFV Canada campus is 70kms east of downtown Vancouver)
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Welcome to UFV

You want a North American education that is truly applied, with credits that are transferable and recognised across the globe. What could be better than to start your dream closer to home with an accredited Canadian Public University that operates an offshore facility in India, at Chandigarh since 2006. Start an interactive pedagogy that is relevant to your careers and job prospects in that part of the world. UFV India prepares you for a cultural and social integration while you hit the ground running when you take seamless transfers to UFV Canada campus after first, second or third year of your education.

Save almost half the monies including lodging costs when you start with UFV India at Chandigarh, while not compromising on the quality of education and the class room experience that is complimented by a world class infrastructure and eclectic mix of our Canadian and Indian faculty. And above else, come and see what you may get into, leaving nothing to imagination or chance. We encourage you to engage equally with our Alumni and current students who are the true testaments to our commitment and success.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Business studies in North America are incomplete without teaching an applied business curriculum, accompanied by in-class activities, individual assignments, hands-on projects, and industry case studies, with a business simulation model that helps you develop a cognitive and entrepreneurial skills of managing and understanding key business principles. After all business is practice, and not a theory. Start your Canadian BBA at UFV India while being introduced to an applied education format so that nothing overwhelms you when you take your campus transfers to Canada. Be prepared for a different pedagogy near the comfort of your home, among friends and find your wings before you soar and fly to North America.

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

A much sought after course in North America and elsewhere, Bachelors in Computer Information Systems prepares you for both hardware and software professions, and most importantly, offers the most updated curriculum that is relevant for your careers in Canada or the world. BCIS will prepare you to become a versatile professional who takes part in building the digital future. The practical knowledge and skills that you will learn prepares you to start your own technology business, foster innovation in a global corporation, or apply technology to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Management Post-Degree Certificate (MPDC)

An opportunity that you have been waiting for a while. Your formal Indian education of 15 years limits you to apply for a North American Master program since it requires sixteenth year of parchment. And you end up spending hugely on tuition, lodging and travelling costs to acquire that sixteenth year of education. Not anymore. UFV India introduces a Management Post Degree Certificate (MPDC) that provides you that much sought after sixteenth year parchment at one third the cost, while being in India. Start at UFV India with one year MPDC program and be eligible to apply to a North American University for Master’s program or at our partner, University of Windsor, Ontario for their Master of Management programs. The seats are always limited and will be offered to the deserving.

Student Testimonials

  • ‘Overwhelming’ is one emotion that describes my experience at UFV Chandigarh campus. I wanted to explore Canada for my overseas education until I discovered UFV India campus. It’s one of its kind in India, where I sit among friends while getting oriented to North American education. I am sure that I will be far better prepared, and placed to succeed in Canada or the world, having started at UFV India.

  • I came to UFV India on a very skeptical note, thinking to transfer to Canada after my first year, deciding to stay for another. It is unbelievable how committed our UFV tutors and the entire team is to our success. Be it extra-curricular activities like ‘Toastmasters club’, where I have honed my personal speaking skills and shunned my shyness, to etiquette learning classes, we are truly preparing for the world. I honestly suggest everyone to explore UFV India once before they take a straight plunge into the unknown.

    HARCHARAN SINGH BBA, Class of 2017
  • There’s education in a formal setting, and education in an informal setting, and I feel as though I’ve gotten the best of both worlds while studying at UFV Chandigarh. I strongly believe that I can speak on behalf of majority of the students at UFV India when I say it’s become second nature to put heart into everything we do, thanks to the never ending support of the staff and faculty members. UFV India is different from UFV Canada in all of the best ways. I feel as though I’m right at home while studying at UFV Chandigarh, having all of the luxuries of the modern world, yet having exposure to the more rustic elements of the city and its culture has been so charming.

    ANDREA IVANOF BBA, Class of 2017
  • I plan to do my Master’s overseas, and a BBA at UFV provides me the credits that are recognized and transferable. Applied education and relevant industry interaction are a true hallmark of my education. Being a girl, my parents are far more secure and comfortable while I am happy to be with my family at a time when I have just come out of school.

    HIMANI THAPA BBA, Class of 2018


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What does Survey says about UFV Students

40 %
felt the skills and knowledge were useful in performing their job
2 %
felt that the core program provided a full understanding of the field of study
70 %
of faculty spend time outside of class meeting with students

Data from National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Canadian University Survey Consortium, BC Student Outcomes (run by BC Stats)