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Global Programs for your Global Career

Taught by Industry Leaders & International Faculty
Sept 2024 Intake Open
With our undergraduate business pathway program, take the first step to become relevant to the global business community and beyond.

Specialisation: Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Organisational Studies.
Sept 2024 Intake Open
With our undergraduate computing pathway program gain the analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills required to join the tech talent pool.

Fast track your tech career with our AI/ML modules, DevOps Tracks, and Coding Bootcamps.
Sept 2024 Intake Open
With our undergraduate liberal arts pathway program develop curiosity, critical thinking, and skills you need to excel in your career.

Specializations: Economics, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Media and Communications.
Sept 2024 Intake Open
With our Global Master’s Pathway Program obtain the skills and competencies you need for an international master’s degree. Seamless tranfer options available for Master’s of Business Administration, Master’s of Global Business, Master’s of Management, and Master’s of Applied Economics & Policy programs.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

- Confucius, Sage & Philosopher

Hands-On Practical Learning

Expert-led workshops, real-world projects, and industry partnerships to build skills and competencies at the bleeding edge of technology.
Mike Ivanof engaged

Start Your First Company

Student Start-up Studio

Learn how to create a business from scratch, manufacture real products, service genuine customers, and execute actual sales. All student companies created under this program are independent entities run exclusively by FVI students. Now, in its 10th year, the program has:

  • Created 10 student-led companies
  • Generated over INR 30 lakhs in revenue
  • Moved at least 30,000 units of student created inventory
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new Mumbai highway

Discover the Industrial Corridors of India 2.0

Make in India Expedition

Take part in a journey of discovery through the heart of India’s industrial transformation with the “Make in India Expedition,” focusing on the revolutionary Industrial corridors, like the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

  • Gain firsthand knowledge of India’s major industries and the initiatives.
  • Develop the ability to manage and execute projects effectively.
  • Understand the policy frameworks and regulatory environments that support industrial growth in India.
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Manage a Fund Worth INR 1 Crore

Future Fund Manager Track

A transformative hands-on journey designed to equip aspiring investment professionals with skills, knowledge, and real-world experience. Manage a fund of INR 1 Crore and learn to navigate the complexities of the investment world with confidence. Receive guidance from professional investors and learn to:

  • Analyze data, predict trends, and make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.
  • Create practical investment strategies like portfolio diversification, and risk management.
  • Harness the power of compounding interest, and create a solid plan for financial independence.
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Shape the Future of Work

Future Leadership Track

This transformative track embarks you on an impactful journey of self-exploration. Immerse yourself fully to unlock a profound understanding of your inner self, leveraging this self-awareness to grasp the true essence of leadership. Acquire actionable skills for more adeptly navigating people and scenarios.

  • Learn to inspire and influence teams effectively.
  • Cultivate high emotional intelligence.
  • Enhance your capacity for innovation and creativity.

gartner future of work
Family business accelerator being run by students

Learn How the Best Family Businesses Win

Family Business Accelerator

Master the complexities of family-run enterprises in an immersive learning experience, powered by the renowned Harvard Family Business Simulation. Embrace the opportunity to blend tradition with innovation, ensuring your family business thrives in the evolving global marketplace.

  • Built on Harvard’s acclaimed Three-Circle Model
  • Understand how choices evolve with each generation, influencing the business and family legacy.
  • Learn the delicate balance between family, business, and ownership, and how each impacts the other.
guy looking at the circuit

Innovate Software and Hardware Solutions

Tech Gear Track

Harness technology to transform ideas into practical software solutions and build technological platforms with real applications. This exciting environment fosters creativity, collaboration, and technical skill-building, preparing you for tomorrow’s tech-first world.

  • Build solutions for real clients solving for real problems.
  • Work with cutting edge technical tools and softwares.
  • Develop project management skills specific to technology projects.
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Amplify Human Creativity & Ingenuity

AI ML Accelerator Track

A visionary program that grants access to state-of-the-art tools of AI giants like Google Cloud, IBM, and Meta. You’ll learn to navigate through complex algorithms and data to craft solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, today.

  • Develop hands-on skills in using leading AI frameworks and platforms.
  • Manipulate, analyze, and draw insights from large datasets using data science techniques and tools.
  • Implement complex neural networks to tackle deep learning challenges.

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Transform the Cloud into a Thunderstorm

DevOps Track

Master the architecture, become fluent in DevOps, and leverage the power of platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. This program dives into the vast potential of cloud infrastructure and mentors students as they learn to leverage it for actual industry use.

  • Develop skills in managing and scaling applications.
  • Configure, manage, and monitor server infrastructures.
  • Master automation tools to streamline software development, testing, and deployment processes.
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Code from Day One

Code Clan Track

Engage with leading platforms such as LeetCode, HackerRank, and CodingNinjas, transforming complex problems into elegant, efficient solutions. We want our student to not just learn a code but master the language that builds technology.

  • Design and implement complex algorithms.
  • Acquire proficiency in multiple programming languages.
  • Master agile methodologies and project management tools.

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Courses led by Industry Leaders & International Faculty from Canada

Lorne Mackenzie portrait

Lorne Mackenzie

Strategic Management
mike ivanof portrait

Dr. Mike Ivanof

Management of Innovation
holly portrait

Holly Morgan

Advertising as Social Communication
Sarah Beaulieu Portrait

Sarah Beaulieu

Media, Money & Power
Giacomo M. portrait

Giacomo M.

Cross Cultural Management
Lucki Kang portrait

Lucki Kang

Intercultural Communication
Paul Fontaine portrait

Paul Fontaine

Workplace Communication
Kathryn Garcia smiling

Kathryn Garcia

Professional Report Writing

University of the Fraser Valley is one of Canada’s Top Ranked Public University

drone shot of UFV campus

Campus at Abbotsford, BC

Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 15,000 students per year.
Students Walking in Corridor

Campus at GGDSD College, Chandigarh

Begin your Canadian program at Fraser Valley India and adjust to Canadian education expectations while positioning yourself for success in Canada. Avail international standard facilities within GGD SD College in Chandigarh. Transfer to Canada with a group of your peers.

Other Campuses

UFV clearbrook centre building
Clearbrook Centre
Student Housing Complex

Transfer to Canada Process

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Start in Chandigarh

Begin your international program at Fraser Valley India located at GGD SD College, Chandigarh

Save up-to 60%: Save costs on tuition, living expense, and travel in the first 2 years.

Skip the Culture Shock: Don’t try fitting into a new country, and education system at the same time.

North American Applied Education led by industry experts and international faculty.

Canadian Leaf Icon
seperator line

Study in Canada

Seamlessly transfer to UFV in Abbotsford, British Columbia after year 1, 2, or 3

Complete Visa & Documentation Support: We take care of everything you need to transition to UFV Canada, with ease.

Move with your classmates to Canada as a cohort and succeed as a community.

Our Students are some of the highest achievers at UFV in Canada because of the foundational training and one-on-one mentorship availed in India.

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Begin Your Global Career

Your globally recognized Canadian program

Work In Canada: A post-graduation work permit (PGWP) allows you to remain in Canada and work full-time after you complete a certificate, diploma, or degree program that is at least 8 months in length. You don’t need a job offer to apply and can work anywhere in Canada in any occupation.

Join 42,000+ Alumni: Tap into the UFV Alumni network with events like Alumni Mixers, Mentorship Programs and Sports leagues.

UFV Graduates Success Rate

Source: British Columbia Govt. Survey
UFV BBA Graduatesmedian income
UFV BA grads praised the instruction quality as excellent
UFV BCIS Graduates were working full-time
UFV grads reported gaining
career-relevant skills

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