Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Business studies in North America are incomplete without teaching an applied business curriculum, accompanied by in-class activities, individual assignments, hands-on projects, and industry case studies, with a business simulation model that helps you develop a cognitive and entrepreneurial skills of managing and understanding key business principles. After all business is practice, and not a theory. Start your Canadian BBA at UFV India while being introduced to an applied education format so that nothing overwhelms you when you take your campus transfers to Canada. Be prepared for a different pedagogy near the comfort of your home, among friends and find your wings before you soar and fly to North America.

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

A much sought after course in North America and elsewhere, Bachelors in Computer Information Systems prepares you for both hardware and software professions, and most importantly, offers the most updated curriculum that is relevant for your careers in Canada or the world. BCIS will prepare you to become a versatile professional who takes part in building the digital future. The practical knowledge and skills that you will learn prepares you to start your own technology business, foster innovation in a global corporation, or apply technology to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Management Post-Degree Certificate (MPDC)

An opportunity that you have been waiting for a while. Your formal Indian education of 15 years limits you to apply for a North American Master program since it requires sixteenth year of parchment. And you end up spending hugely on tuition, lodging and travelling costs to acquire that sixteenth year of education. Not anymore. UFV India introduces a Management Post Degree Certificate (MPDC) that provides you that much sought after sixteenth year parchment at one third the cost, while being in India. Start at UFV India with one year MPDC program and be eligible to apply to a North American University for Master’s program or at our partner, University of Windsor, Ontario for their Master of Management programs. The seats are always limited and will be offered to the deserving.


The world of work is changing rapidly. Many of the jobs that will be available when you graduate haven’t even been invented yet. Young people today are likely to go through five to seven major career changes over their lifetime. And this means a narrow, vocationally focused degree will not necessarily set you up best for the future. What you need is an applied curriculum so that you arrive in the real world armed with functional and job-relevant skills.


The UFV India ‘Student Company Program’ provides an applied education simulator for students to gain hands-on experience in practicing entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership by operating a real-time business. From a concept to actualisation stage, the students create and market a real product or service, raise capital and make real profits (or losses) with the support and mentoring from their tutors as well as from a large pool of accomplished industry professionals.


Co-operative education, a North American academic program where a student’s academic study semesters are complemented with periods of paid work experience. Work teams are 4, 8 or 12 months in duration. The Program provides entry-level employment opportunities, teaches basic employability skills, and monitors employment conditions. Co-op education on your resume gives your employer a confidence in your knowledge of practical business applications while giving you an edge in securing a job opportunity.


Co-Curricular Record provides official recognition for your extra curricular activities at UFV India, highlighting your participation, essential skill development, learning outcomes and achievements. It enhances your resumé, scholarship applications, and your academic and career portfolios and assists you market your experiences and skills to employers or professional programs.

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