Bachelor of Computer Information Systems


innovative problem solvers, fascinated by technology. You are passionate about discovering and implementing technological solutions that address difficult challenges.


a hands-on and cutting edge program that will put you at the forefront of the digital world and allow you to have impact at the intersection of technology and business.


– a technology consultant
– a high-tech entrepreneur
– an application developer
– a big data technologist
– a business intelligence manager
– a digital business expert




4 Years




Canada and/or India

If you are an innovative thinker who is passionate about technology, Bachelor in Information Systems Management will prepare you to become a high-impact professional who takes part in building the digital future. Technology is a powerful force that drives products and services, operations, and economic growth. It can also be harnessed to improve peoples’ lives and contribute to social change. The practical knowledge and skills that you will learn in this program will prepare you to start your own technology business, foster innovation in a global corporation, and apply technology to help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Year 1
Semester 1 Subject Credits
CIS 145 Web Publishing 3
or CIS 146 Intermediate Web Publishing (previously offered) (see Note 1) 3
CIS 190 Systems Hardware Concepts 3
COMP 125 Principles of Computing 3
Elective Approved Arts or other approved elective (see Note 2) 3-4
Semester 2 Subject Credits
CIS 192 Introduction to Networking 4
COMP 150 Introduction to Programming 4
MATH 125 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics 4
CMNS 125 Introduction to Workplace Communication 3
or CMNS 175 Writing for the Internet
or ENGL 105 Academic Writing
Year 2
Semester 3 Subject Credits
CIS 291 Networking Theory and Applications 4
COMP 155 Advanced Programming 4
CIS 221 Principles of Information Systems Security 4
CMNS 251 Professional Report Writing 3
Elective CIS 200-level elective (see Note 4) 3-4
Semester 4 Subject Credits
CIS 285 End User Training and Support 3
CIS 270 Analysis and Design 3
COMP 230 Databases and Database Management Systems (formerly CIS 230) 3
COMP 251 Data Structures and Algorithms 4
Elective Business or Communications elective (see Note 5) 3
Year 3
Semester 5 Subject Credits
CIS 385 Project Management 3
COMP 340 Operating Systems 3
STAT 106 Statistics I 4
or MATH 270/STAT 270 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Elective Approved Arts elective (see Note 2) 3
Elective Lower-level elective in another discipline 3
Semester 6 Subject Credits
COMP 390 Data Communications (formerly CIS 390) 3
CIS or COMP Course numbered 200 or above (see Note 4) 3
CIS or COMP Course numbered 300 or above 3
Elective Business or Communications elective (see Note 5) 3
Elective Lower-level elective in another discipline 3
Year 4
Semester 7 Subject Credits
CIS 485 Ethics and Other Management Issues 3
Three: CIS or COMP courses numbered 300 or above 9
Elective Upper-level elective in another discipline 3
Semester 8 Subject Credits
Three: CIS or COMP courses numbered 300 or above 9
Elective CIS or COMP courses numbered 300 or above 3
CIS or COMP Elective course numbered 200 or above 3-4

Note 1: CIS students cannot obtain credit for both CIS 145 and CIS 146
towards their program.

Note 2: The current approved Arts elective options are available online at

Note 3: Students who have not completed Principles of Math 12 (or
equivalent) must complete MATH 124 (Finite Math with Applications in
the Information Sciences) to be used towards the prerequisite for MATH
125 and STAT 106 (formerly MATH 106) as part of the CIS program
requirements. MATH 124 may be used as a lower-level elective in another
discipline in the BCIS requirement.

Note 4: CIS/COMP elective chosen from the following: CIS 224, 245, 262,
292, or COMP 256. Those students who plan to complete the Systems
and Networking concentration as part of BCIS degree requirements must
take CIS 292.

Note 5: Business or Communications electives options: BUS 100, 120,
143, 144, 145, 160, 201, 203, 223; CMNS 212, 235, 375.
Note 6: Statistics options: STAT 106 (recommended), or STAT 104 (with
a grade of B+ or higher), or PSYC 110 (with a grade of B+ or higher), or
CYC 425.

Concentrations available in the BCIS are Software Development, Systems
and Networking & Security